Meet Your Greatness

Mike Fearn Creator / Author

Welcome to Meet Your Greatness! This guide is in small sections, one for each video. At the end of each section, there is space for recording your own thoughts, allowing you to turn them into a customized manual, just for you. Reflecting on your own thoughts, and understanding how they change over time, can add a lot to your own self-discovery.

This is Study Guide # 1, to accompany Video Package 1 (videos 26 – 29), which re-introduces you to the six parts of your intellect, or mental muscles, which you will use to align yourself with anything you desire.

After these four videos, you will be introduced to how your mind works, most likely in a way you have never considered before.

These study guides were created to help you discover Who Are You and Why Are You. They are designed to help you come to know yourself and then become aware of how to start your mental alignment.

In later study guides, 6 – 10, you will go in-depth into how to use the six parts of your intellect with your energy to bring forth the things that you want to have, to do, or to become: How to physically create your desires. You will discover for yourself those things that move you to your life purpose and that are totally unique to you.

Now it’s time to start looking and thinking about yourself in a way that most people have not experienced. This study guide also complements and expands upon the first twenty videos, which are available at

Let’s begin!

Reintroduce Yourself to the Six Parts of Your Intellect The Real Definition of Awareness What Is Your Attitide? What Created Your Conscious and Subconscious Minds and Body Actions? What Creates Change? The Parts of Your Mind and Body