Meet Your Greatness

Mike Fearn Creator / Author


I have been self-employed since the age of 20 with involvement in real estate, land development and new construction.

I am self-studied through many mindfulness books. Bob Proctor of the Proctor-Gallagher Institute is my main study.

After years of building then losing a Multi-million dollar business sent me into a deep depression. These studies of mine pulled me out of that dark hole I allowed myself to enter. Creating a mindfulness message through my Toastmaster club showed me others want to Discover themselves. I did not know it, but this was the beginning and creation of Meet Your Greatness.

Meet Your Greatness Courses:

This is a Library full of original self-studies that will reveal other greatness within you. The library materials have both variety and many different perspectives that allow you to become aware of them. The materials are:

Books – provide you a story about both a discovery and an action plan you create for yourself. 

Videos – are short and concise and allow you to reveal your own thought process. 

Quotes – that both inspire and make you think about your own life.

Narratives – are short guidelines filled with the points you need to know for your self-discovery.

Study Guides – self-study gives you the steps to both become aware of your attitude and your action plan to physically create the desire you want to have, to, or to become. Videos included.