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The quotes below are taken from additional Mike Fearn Author videos. These videos are produced and combined with PDF educational packages. These packages without question will take you much deeper into your mind with the material you have probably never seen, read, or heard before. They are that different and that informative.

There will be approximately 10 separate packages. The first half of the package will be designed to bring you into a total awareness of your mind. The second half of the package will be designed to allow you to create your own success path to any desires that you want to have, to do, or to become. Each package has many videos and approximately a 17-page guideline that goes into more depth about the specific area of your mind that you are studying. Check them out for your investment in yourself on this website.

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Are you going to move on it or stay where you are….

It is a fact that Paradigms holds over 90% of people back and is another
name for your own attitude.
Attitude is not something good or bad it is simple the name for your
daily thought habits.
The more you study your attitude the more you realize about the limitations
Paralysis is what stops you from making the shift to something you want.


Continued to Learn about creating NEW BODY ACTIONS…

NEW Want in life it will require NEW BODY ACTIONS to obtain it. Your child of greatness was born with you and will always remain with you. Your feeling and beliefs of discomfort like, this is impossible, this is beyond me,
this is scary were all developed by what is now your attitude. Your paradigm is a mental program which
has almost total control over your behavior and that most of your behavior is habitual. 


Imagine standing next to this gorgeous pool…

Maybe it makes you want to swim across it just to see how it feels
No, you would move away from me because you became extremely uncomfortable. Conscious or Unconsciously to anything you are not in Harmony with will stop you thoughts are Peoples Invisible thoughts create the Physical based on their actions.


The life that presently surrounds you…

Your Bodies actions.
Realize, your body is strictly an instrument of mind, and only perform
action mind allows. Specifically what the subconscious mind allows.
Over 90% do not even know this is happening to themselves.
Don’t let attitude control your mind thoughts.
Then you must change some of those invisible thoughts.


Can I talk directly to you…

Only you possess that unique quality that can highly benefit others.
You will find it in that great reservoir of your subconscious mind.
This is part of you where your child of greatness still exists.
Why? because the subconscious mind has two parts.


Your feeling of a burning desire…

Can you explain to yourself the feelings of your burning desires?
Burning desires are your feeling wanting to express themselves
physically through your actions.
Burning would be the thoughts creating excitement and fear. The repeated one are the ones that you should pursue.


It’s a 99% Probability…

That repetition created how you think, feel, and act the way you do.
Your developed attitude is the part of you that are your beliefs
Like the body builder it is 99% probability you’ll have to create
Most importantly and where most people stop your body will have to act