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The quotes below are taken from additional Mike Fearn Author videos. These videos are produced and combined with PDF educational packages. These packages without question will take you much deeper into your mind with the material you have probably never seen, read, or heard before. They are that different and that informative.

There will be approximately 10 separate packages. The first half of the package will be designed to bring you into a total awareness of your mind. The second half of the package will be designed to allow you to create your own success path to any desires that you want to have, to do, or to become. Each package has many videos and approximately a 17-page guideline that goes into more depth about the specific area of your mind that you are studying. Check them out for your investment in yourself on this website.

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Use the Mind and Body any way You Want

Use the Mind and Body any way You Want.
Remember your body is an instrument of your mind.
What most people do not know is the make of their
attitude and how it works both for and against you.
The key is the subconscious creates the feeling
The body raects to those feelings


Face Your Fears….

Face Your Fears
You create a vivid picture of yourself already doing it.
See yourself driving demonstrates how imagine pictures create action.
As a child there was no ceiling on the vivid pictures


What created You and Your Attitude?

They gave you your genetics make up and your environmental surrounding
Your environmental surrounding was everything that you saw, heard, touched,
felt day after day repeatedly.
But mainly environmental surroundings are why you live your life as you do.
Learn what happened after you were born through repetition


What is Your Attitude??

What is your attitude?
The combination of 3 things your thoughts, your feelings and your body actions.

Anyone you know or meet it is your attitude that leaves the impression of you on them.

Then he said, realize that most thoughts you have are unconscious so they are invisible to you


Your Mind discussed in a different way….

Awareness of your mind, what is it?
Awareness of your mind, specifically attitude is a self-discovery and not a definition.
When you see and understand each of the pieces this will
become your game changer.
To clearly see your mind, means learning things you and I never learned
in school are life.


How do You use Your Intellect??

- Your Intellect or mental muscles are the source to any small or
large change you want in life.
- These 6 muscles are rarely used by over 90% of people.
Reason, Intuition, Perception, Memory, Willpower, Imagination
- I challenge you about your daily routine, just so you can experience
the effort that it takes.