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Who are Target and Arrow?

May 28, 2024inspiration0 comments

Target and Arrows story continues…..

Who is Target and Arrow?

They are imaginary characters that are part of a group of guides to teach you about True Awareness of yourself. They help you by telling their story as it relates to you and using it to improve your life—a totally different approach to understanding more about life thoughts.

If allowed, they are part of a learning process that can and will give you a new perspective on your daily life.

Part of these lessons states that after growing up together and well into their adult lives, they meet again after catching up on each other’s stories.

Target said, “Change and excitement as kids were easy; now, as an adult, I find change hard to do.” After marveling at lifestyle and successes, Target made a simple statement to Arrow: “Guess life just happens.”

This is a response to Target:

Conscious and invisible thoughts throughout your life created your actions and who you are today. Target, realize that your life at this very moment starts with your thoughts and ends with your actions.

Think of them as your invisible thoughts that truly created who you are today. If you want a small or large change in your life, you must change someone’s actions. That only happens by getting to know and changing some of those invisible thoughts.

What are these invisible thoughts?

These beliefs were created chiefly by others during your growing-up years.

These beliefs become you when you reach the age of reason. This is when you form your own attitude of beliefs that are both right and wrong in your daily thinking and actions. They are why you presently have the life you live.

Most of us, well over 90%, have lost that original, very imaginative child who saw and acted out every opportunity with your play.


Learn how to bring that child back into your life.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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