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Do you really have to have a Reason to want something?

Apr 22, 2024inspiration0 comments

Is there something that you Want?
Consider – Using this New Perspective

Needs: We need air, we need food, we need shelter.
Needs are what we must have to stay alive.

Wants: Learning a new language, mastering a musical instrument, creating something you have never done. A want is something for you to have, to do, or to become.

Desires: are your wants that seek physical expression.
Wants are just like the word. You simply want it.

Read these 3 Facts below:

1.    You do not have to have a reason to want it.
2.    You do not even need to know a reason.
3.    You do not need to explain it to anyone, not even to yourself.

Needs, Wants, and Desires can and should be explained differently to allow anyone to look at them from a new perspective.

The physical expression of a want only happens when your body’s actions have accomplished it. 

It is your wants, not your needs, that drive you toward your greatness.

We are not talking about something you can buy. If you want real change in your life, reconsider the things you want and apply the new perspective given to you above.

Do not let your feelings override your wants.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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