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Why did your beliefs create your present life…..?

May 20, 2024inspiration0 comments

Your attitude, as explained by the late and great Bob Proctor, is the combination of your thoughts, feelings, and body actions. 

No matter who you are with each thought you think, you go through these three steps:
1.  Your Conscious Mind has a thought.
2. From that thought, your subconscious mind creates a feeling within you. The feeling stems from your beliefs.
3.  Your Body’s action or reaction is directly proportional to that Subconscious feeling.

Let this article explain your attitude in a new way.

Your attitude, as explained, is the combination of your thoughts, feelings, and body actions. Know that an idea, a sense, and a body action always happen simultaneously. Your attitude is not any one of these individually. It’s the combination of all three, just like the ingredients a chef uses for cooking. Not any of them individually create that sumptuous meal. 

Your attitude is created by your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, and your body because those three create your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

You may be telling yourself, I can think without feeling or my body reacting. My answer is that you just think you can. When you have a thought, your body responds, most times, unnoticed.

Think about it. No matter who you are, you go through these three steps:
1.    You have a thought.
2.    That thought creates a feeling within you based on your beliefs.
3.    Your body reacts to that feeling.

This process is the same for everyone. What happens when a fingernail is raked across a rough surface? It gives you goosebumps. Your thoughts and feelings also create physiological reactions, which can be more subtle.  

Your attitude is the central part of your conditioning. It started at birth and continued until early adulthood, forming the beliefs and habits you currently have.

For Example:
If you grew up in a family that loves to fish, then you’ll probably love it as an adult because you’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember. 

If you grew up in a musical family that played the piano and violin, as an adult you’ll probably enjoy playing the same instruments. 

If you grew up in a family that spoke two languages, you already spoke both languages at an early age. 

All of these examples were part of your attitude’s conditioning.

Why do you get the results in life that you presently have? Because of your beliefs. Beliefs are a large part of what creates your thoughts, which then creates that feeling, and your body reacts to that feeling. That reaction is what makes the life that surrounds you.

All of this is your attitude.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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