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Who is that person in the mirror?…

Jun 5, 2024inspiration0 comments

The real question is, Who is the person you see in the mirror?

That person created what is now Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind thoughts and Body Actions

Would you be interested in a brief explanation of the effects on your life? If yes, let’s explain it

You were created from these 2 things:
•    Your genetic make-up
•    Your environmental surroundings starting at birth

Genetics do not just go back to Mom and Dad but to your ancestors. 

Environmental surroundings, mostly those that raised you and created the daily repetition of everything that you saw, heard, touched, felt, and what was said that surrounded you from the day you were born to early adult formed the basics of who you are. For most of us, this indoctrination formed our good and bad beliefs. These beliefs now form our Conscious and Invisible thoughts.

You understand what is conscious thought, but most people do not consider the Invisible thoughts they have all day long. Your environment and surroundings are exactly where your invisible thoughts come from.

They come into your life all day because these invisible thoughts are your beliefs. You unconsciously think about them all day long, and they make your decisions. Remember, some beliefs are good, and some are bad.

You have to become conscious of these invisible thoughts. Why?

Because your body’s actions move on all those daily thoughts with a decision.

Your attitude does control your life and creates the position you have in life.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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