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What is an Attitude Accelerator?
Awareness—Grow It!

Create this new perspective if you want to help yourself with any change in your life that you are having problems with. This new perspective is a feeling, not a definition.

Awareness is the exciting feeling of discovery, being totally unconscious of something about yourself and then becoming totally conscious of it. 

Awareness occurs each time you discover something new about your attitude. It’s like steps on a ladder: each step creates a new awareness you did not see before. It is then that you realize that the new step was always there for you; you only needed to take it, and now you want to take the next step, even higher.

What is happening?
1st – That first step up starts the introduction to greatness that surrounds just you.
2nd – Then, each step after keeps adding to your greatness.

Keep in mind when you study your own attitude. We are not discussing learning about the attitude of people in general. In general, it does not apply to you.

You will have to put up a sign that says:
WARNING!!! Get ready to read and see things that you have not seen before. 

Many years ago, when my friend Don introduced me to my attitude, he handed me a set of CDs and said something that transformed me with a feeling, using these words almost exactly: Mike, you are going to hear things on these CDs you have never heard before. I am giving you these CDs, but you must promise me
that you will believe every word this man says without any doubts.  

After communicating that feeling, my answer was, “I will.” At that moment, Don convinced me that I could change my life. The CDs are called The Goal Achiever by Bob Proctor. 

Now, while you read and study this article, you’ll have to think things that you have never thought before, but you must promise me something . . . and I just bet you can finish the rest of this sentence.

Most importantly, this promise is not to me but to yourself!

The Real Feeling, not Definition of Awareness
Here is the Wikipedia version of awareness: the state or level of consciousness.
Here’s mine repeated: Awareness is the feeling of discovery, being totally unconscious of something and then becoming totally conscious of it.

Your first real discovery of your attitude will truly feel like a wow moment, just like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. The key for you is to create awareness of your own attitude, which will greatly assist you if you want to make any permanent changes in your daily actions. You achieve
this through self-discovery of your own attitude. Learning about attitude, in general, does not create your self-discovery. It happens when you grow the awareness of your own attitude. 

Remember this: 

To clearly see your attitude means learning things you and I never learned in school or life. It must be taught.  

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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