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Have you ever considered what is a True Awareness of yourself?

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Awareness is a feeling and not just a definition….

Use this different perception to gain a new understanding of yourself. Awareness is the exciting feeling of discovery, being totally unconscious of something and then becoming totally conscious of it. 

Awareness occurs each time you discover something new about the way you think.

It’s like steps in a ladder, each step up creates a new awareness that you truly did not see before. Then, you realize that a new step was always there for you; you only needed to take it, and now you
want to take the next step, even higher. That first step up introduces you to your greatness. Each step up after adds to your greatness.

Awareness—Grow It

How did it start for this author?
Many years ago, a great friend introduced me to my attitude by handing me a set of CDs and saying something that transformed me with a feeling, using these words almost exactly: Mike, you are going to hear things on these CDs you have never heard. I am giving you these CDs, but you must promise me
that you will believe every word this man says and without any doubts. My answer was, “I will.” At that moment, he convinced me that I could change my life.

The CDs are called The Goal Achiever by Bob Proctor. 

Now, I will tell you that learning true awareness of yourself will require you to hear and think about things that you have never thought about before. But you must promise yourself something. . . . and I just bet you can finish the rest of this sentence. Most importantly, this promise is to allow yourself!

Growing your awareness will create new thoughts that will feel and seem strange. Most people will not allow themselves to continue thinking about things that give them strange and uncomfortable feelings.

They are set in their ways, including their thinking and actions. These are your day-to-day thoughts and actions. For example, when driving a car, you automatically know when to use the brakes. You don’t have to think; you just do it.

Another name for how you are automatically guided is called attitude. 

This is how most people’s attitudes work with them and control them. You need to allow the strangeness or discomfort. You need to allow yourself to think and feel in ways that you have not before. These new thoughts are an incredibly positive mindset and are important to you. 

Here is a difficult question. Before answering it, read this sentence and the paragraph below it. Remember that honesty is your best policy because it focuses on yourself.

Your challenging question is, “Does your Attitude Control You?

Just for your awareness let me say here is that over 90% when asked the question (with explanation) will answer NO I control myself without realizing the true answer is YES. This is because their unconscious thoughts and actions are controlled by their attitude, and they do not know this because they are not aware of how it is controlling them.

True Awareness starts with the process of learning: Who Are You? 

Your first real discovery of your attitude will feel like a wow moment, just like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Most people want a small or large change. They try to, then work at it, then later realize they have not changed.

There is only one way to create what I call permanent change. This change will only happen when you change that part of how you think, feel, and act. It happens with repetition.

You create permanent change through self-discovery. There is no 1- 10 Guideline. It only happens when you study yourself. Remember this: 

To clearly see your mind means learning things you and I never learned in school or life. It must be taught.  

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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