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Who is that in the mirror??

Jun 25, 2024inspiration0 comments

The real question is, Who is the person you see in the mirror?
It is simply the physical you.

But what about the mental you? Your thought process—not just the thought but the process you went through to produce that thought. Gaining a basic understanding of your mental process will be a huge discovery, which I will explain this way.

To discuss the process, you have to add beliefs. Beliefs are added because this part of you creates
many of your daily thoughts. Breaking down thoughts with your beliefs with this question.

Why attitude? What is your attitude?

The why is that attitude does control many of your thoughts..
The what are three things happening at one time:
1. Your Thought
2. Your feeling about that thought.
3. Your body’s action is based on that feeling.

These three were created by your conscious and subconscious Mind and body actions, which all create your attitude.

What created your Attitude?

It was created from these two things:
•    Your genetic make-up
•    Your environmental surroundings starting at birth

For most people, genetics is understood. The genetic makeup passed down by mom and dad alone creates the physical look of you. Other things can be added, but mainly the physical you.

Your Environmental surroundings were everything you saw, touched, felt, and heard, repeated over and over from the time you were born into early adulthood.

Why do I bring up what was repeated to you over and over? This repetition formed many of your present-day beliefs.

Again, genetic mainly is the physical you. Environmental surroundings are what created most of your beliefs.

If you think about it, the environment you grew up in was presented repeatedly to you over time by others, which many became your belief. A fact of life for nearly everyone.

If you are thinking, “So What?” to the last sentence. You may want to discover how your beliefs work for and against you daily. This is a subject that over 90% of people do not understand.

You can use the discovery to open up new freedoms in your life that you did not know about.

I am allowing the first 20 people who sign up with my discovery group to learn many great things about themselves that they did not know. The first twenty will be free to the buried Treasury of materials that are a real discovery of yourself.

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Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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