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Want changes in your life then become aware of your fears….

Jun 18, 2024inspiration0 comments

Become Aware of Your Fears…
Being told in story form.

Target and Arrow grew up together and always played together.

As children do, they play with different people and have many adventures each day. Constantly changing.

As adults, they get to see each other again, and Target commented to Arrow that it is much more difficult for him to make day-to-day changes in his adult life and how easy it was as a kid.

Arrow tells Target…We never learned in school or life that, as an adult, we would start feeling discomfort, a form of fear making any changes. Fear holds you back from the change you want to do differently in your adult life!

Your fear and uncomfortable thoughts hold you back from change. Recognizing these is a must. Overcoming the discomfort is how you can get your body to act and make the change to those things you desire to have, to do, or to become. 

Then Arrow told Target that this was not taught to us in school or life. He learned it as a young adult, saying…

I met someone who taught me to see my mind clearly, specifically my own attitude. He changed my understanding of life.

You can go to this Attitude Accelerator to see yourself in a way you have never before and discover what you were never taught in school or life.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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