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How do you happen to think things you have never thought before??

May 6, 2024Uncategorized0 comments

You’ll think things you have never thought before. When would that happen, and why would I want to do that?

The When – This Happens when you investigate the inner workings of your own attitude.

The Why – It allows you to discover many new things about yourself that you truly did not realize. These discoveries will amaze you no matter your age and lifestyle.

Growing your awareness will create new thoughts that will likely feel and seem strange. Most people will not allow themselves to continue thinking things that give them strange and sometimes uncomfortable feelings because they are set in their ways, including their thinking. This tells you how people’s attitude controls them. Like driving a car, you automatically know when to use the brakes. You don’t have to think; you just do it.

This is how your attitude works, and it controls most people. You need to allow the strangeness or discomfort. You must allow yourself to think and feel in ways you have not before. These new
Thoughts can be an incredibly positive mindset and are important to you.

Over 90% of people get to a point in their lives and work where they stop discovering themselves. In most cases, they have stopped discovering more about life in general. You can say I read a lot of new interesting things, I talk with people, and I make new friends.

All of these are great things to do.

This author suggests that you go after what you have learned about yourself. Go after what excites you and makes you feel uncomfortable, even fearful of actually trying to become that new discovery about yourself.

It will happen if you take the time to become aware of your attitude, not your attitude in general.

As a child, you played out everything that was new to you without any thought process other than fun. Then, at a point in your life when you started thinking for yourself, you very possibly lost those feelings of the child. Most of us do.

The “How to make that happen” and the “Why I want to” come about when you rediscover your attitude, which largely is the rediscovery of your child.

You did not learn about your attitude in your day-to-day life.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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