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After Reading this, will you go back to living in the past?

Mar 15, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your next self-discovery

Will you mentally go right back to living in the past, after reading this article about yourself?
Over 90% of you will. Going back means that most of your thoughts and actions in your daily life
are what you learned in the past. Mostly during your growing up years. Over 90% of people
are living in the past.

Also, most people hearing this comment would counter this with how could that be when we
are talking to each other right now and not sometime in the past.

Right now you are in what is called the Present Moment if you are reading and thinking
about this comment. Another way of saying you are Conscious of your thoughts at this moment.
When saying people are living in the past is stated that most people are Unconscious most of the time
of their thoughts and actions which means they are thinking and acting automatically. Unconscious thoughts only allow you to respond based on what you have learned. Realize that what you have learned comes only from the past.

At this moment while you are reading this article is when you are Conscious and thinking which
is when you are learning something new. Now ask yourself, am I using my opinion and judging what
the author just said?

If your answer is yes then you just learned something new. Which is you are using your beliefs to
either agree or disagree with my comments. Where did those beliefs come from?
The past.

This article is leading up to what I call that continuous voice in your head. This is when your daily
thoughts and actions are unconscious. You unconsciously react daily based on your beliefs.

This leads to the question, is this happening to you?

These Unconscious thoughts and actions are mentioned below by two experts in their books
and teachings.

Bob Proctor tells you these voices are your Paradigm (your belief)s.
Steven Pressfield in his book The War of Art calls this your voice (your beliefs) resistance.

I will discuss this in detail in future articles.

Your question should be how do I turn off this Unconscious voice?

First, you must awaken to it.

In our next article and video link, we will together do a simple awakening exercise   That likely
you have seen before but did not realize what else it was teaching you

Below is the quote from this article:

Know that many see your greatness…
but your own paradigm of resistance…
keep you thinking in the past…
When your greatness is happening at this moment…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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