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Are you going to move on it or stay where you are….

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It’s either going to move you forward or hold you back

What is it? Your own paradigm

It is a fact that Paradigms holds over 90% of people back and is another name for your own attitude. Attitude is not something good or bad it is simply the name for your daily thought habits. Your beliefs.

Meet Your Greatness is designed so that you become fully aware of your paradigm or attitude.

Studying different subjects to broaden your knowledge is a good idea, but the greatest of all studies is the awareness of your own attitude and how it affects your results in life.

There is no such thing as “You spend too much time on yourself when it is being used for self-improvement. The more you study your attitude the more you realize the limitations you can impose upon yourself.

Meet Your Greatness operates on the premise that there are things we all want in our lives but do not have.

This applies to everyone.

If you have not already thought about it the key to changing to accomplish the things that you want which excites and often scares you to try is overcoming Paradigm Paralysis.

Paralysis is what stops you from making the shift to something you want.

As stated before when explaining your paradigm, you will learn that many of the beliefs you have and think to be true are really a false way of thinking. This author admits to having a bag full of false beliefs.

Studying just one paradigm allows you to look at your present life more objectively.

This one Belief is – “It’s better to be safe than sorry”.

The Facts came from an English idiom in a book written in 1837 to take precautions for survival in the wilderness rather than being sorry you did not…like having a gun when you leave the cabin in case a bear wants to eat you.

The quote started in 1837 and has been convoluted over the generations to be safe than sorry in all thoughts and actions. You have heard this quote all your life. The greater population honestly believes this thought. This one belief allows most people not to act on the things they would like to have or do.

This one paradigm of belief along with many others has been passed down to you, along with your own family’s beliefs.

Again, your beliefs are the thoughts you have had over and over that by repetition have become beliefs.

Do you know when it is better to be safe than sorry? When using your instincts for survival.

Bob Proctor states

That 95% of people are not even aware they live within their own paradigm; therefore they remain bound.

The best question is “What does your paradigm allow you to do?”

Be honest with yourself.
It’s either going to move you forward or hold you back from that thing which both excites you but can also scare you when thinking of doing it.

Always remember if you can see it in your mind, it is something you can do.

The Quote to this article:

You were born into the world with…
open arms to all possibilities, then…
your learned beliefs closed them with…
all these possibilities still around you…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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