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Are you in the Presnt Moment

Mar 5, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your next discovery moment…

You are getting ready to ask me, what is your point?

So, here’s the question. Where do over 90% of people spend their time mentally?

The real answer, over 90% of people spend their mental time in the past,
sometimes in the future, but very rarely in the “present moment.”
This happens even within your own thoughts and actions at work.

There are many ways to describe the present moment, but it is the time you
spend without any thought going on in your head and actually observing
everything happening around you without judgment of your surroundings.
When are focused only on one thing again without any other thoughts going on.

Try it yourself. Focus for over a minute on one thing you see around you and
only on that one thing without any other thoughts coming into your mind.
Use a timer. Start it then focus and the moment any other thought starts other
then the focus looks at the timer.

Just be honest with yourself and try it. To keep improving your focus will
require your practice.

Of course, the question is are you one of the over 90%?

What is the point of this question? Over 90% of people do not even realize
this is happening to them. It is called not being in the present moment.

The point is this is why over 90% do not accomplish that climb to those
desires they want.
The point is you should take the time to discover where you are mentally.

How? By becoming aware of your ability to focus on that one thing. When
you lose focus realize the other thoughts are that voice in your head
that is actually guiding your life.

Your quote below to go with this article:
Your accomplishments happen in the present…
90% think in the past, under 10% think present…
Present thought is where your greatness happens…
Ask yourself, where do I think?…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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