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Are you the weapon that holds you back!!

Feb 21, 2023inspiration0 comments

Hello, this is your next discovery about yourself.

Without ever realizing it or in some cases admitting it most people are holding themselves back. Holding you back from your desire for the things you want to have, to do, or to become.
Most people will blame their circumstances or other reasons for not pursuing the things they want.
Without realizing it, the discomfort and fear that their subconscious mind is creating are what hold them back. Then what happens is their feeling then becomes their justification for why they cannot pursue what they want.

As I said before, what will transform your life is the pursuit of those things that you want which create fear and discomfort.

The subconscious is what creates the discomfort.
The only time to feel fear and discomfort is when you can physically hurt yourself or another.

The question is, are you the weapon that holds you back?

Instead of letting it hold you back, you should ask how do I overcome these feelings?
There is no single answer. Most people must be taught how by studying the mind.
This is what Meet Your Greatness is all about the study of your mind, specifically your attitude.

Start with forcing yourself forward through those feelings.
Forcing forward actually blows away some of your discomforts.
Then something amazing happens. You start meeting your greatness and
then you realize some of your desires do not feel unattainable.

Below is the quote to go with this discovery

What is 100% true about you…
You become a weapon against yourself…
When you allow discomfort even fear to take…
control of your desires for something new…


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