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Being Dissatisfied can Change Your World

Jan 8, 2023inspiration0 comments

Here is your next discovery about yourself.
Did you grow up hearing this statement?

“You should be happy with what you have.”

Yes, you should be happy. But, over 90% of people use this one belief to stop
striving for more in life, even though they do have a desire for change or something more.
We all have these desires, whether we believe it or not. Most just suppress them and are simply
not aware that they are doing this.

You need to add more to this belief…
You can feel both happy with what you have, but also very dissatisfied.
Dissatisfaction is a great quality that you and all others possess and you can use it
to improve your life.
Feeling the dissatisfaction will both help and allow you to start moving toward your new desires.
You simply keep in mind the reason you are feeling dissatisfaction, but you allow it to

Remember this quote for you:
Dissatisfaction is what changes your world…
Your dissatisfaction is a great quality.
Yes “be happy with what you have…”
but you should also be dissatisfied.

Continue to discover your awareness with next week’s article.

Always remember You are the Greatest


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