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Can a writing pen change Your life?

May 1, 2023inspiration0 comments

How can a writing pen change your life?

By using it to create focus and magic.

Stop reading here and watch video # 18, first then continue reading:

Now the How?

Focusing on the pen is allowing you to practice how to be in the present moment.
The magic is to immediately recognize when you are not focused.

This article is giving you another direction that allows you to recognize when that voice in your head has kicked in. Recognizing when you are not focused is what gives you the path to change that part of your daily habitual thoughts that prevents you from accomplishing the thing you want out of life

What is the present moment:

Is best described as absolutely no thoughts in your head, while at the same time being aware of everything around you.

When you pick up the pen and focus on it, then go beyond focus, to closely look at the colors, wording, and connection points without any other thought in your head is teaching you to concentrate only on the task or subject you are working on. When those other thoughts start happening it allows you to recognize them at the exact moment it happens, stop and dismiss them and restart your focus.

Yes, when you focus on a particular thing it does become brighter.

What is the magic:

When those other thoughts happen. Also, when you realize you lost your focus.
Yes, you can be doing multiple tasks, but even then you can only be doing one at a time before jumping to the next one.

How is this magic? When you lose focus and begin those other thoughts are what awakens you. When stating that voice in your head what is specifically being said is that at both work and in your personal life you have developed habits of thinking that are unconscious to you because they are habits. Awakening is becoming aware of when the habits start.

The key ingredient is becoming aware of those habits of thought that hold you back from pursuing the things you want in your life or what can be called negative thinking.

What is the moral:

Practice this same focus on everything you do.

You will be amazed at how much better you perform whatever you are doing.

There is another moral, equally as important?
Attention to the simple thing…is what changes your life?

You will realize that your best creativity comes from the present moment.
Below is the quote that accompanies this article.

Focus and the present moment…
What do they have in common?…
The moment is when all 5 senses…
Focus on one thing…

Always remember you’re the greatest…



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