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Can I talk directly to you…

Dec 12, 2023inspiration0 comments

I am talking directly to you…

Only you possess that unique quality that can highly benefit others. It is a quality that you were born with and it is unique to only you and not to others. It is yours alone and exactly why you should become your own inspiration.

For many people, this quality became hidden to themselves because over time most people have suppressed it after forming their belief system. Called your attitude.

A question would be what is my access to regain and recognize that uniqueness?

You will find it in that great reservoir of your subconscious mind. For most, this recognition will require learning about your attitude, which is not something that can be done with an article. The article is to make you aware that you do possess this unique quality.

But let’s start a lesson.
How could your subconscious mind be that magnificent when it does not do what the conscious mind does?

  • It does not think – it does not choose
  • It does not know real – from imagined
  • It does not know right – from wrong
  • It cannot reject any thoughts
  • It only accepts thoughts

The subconscious mind only accepts thoughts that the conscious mind tells it to through repetition.

These are my notes on why it’s so magnificent:
This is part of you where your child of greatness still exists.
This is part of you where all those creative feelings come from
This is that part of you that is open to the entire universe of thought energy
This is the part that brings forth your exciting desire.

Amazingly the subconscious does all of this, while at the same time, it holds you back with uncomfortable feelings even with fear.

Why? Because the subconscious mind has two parts.

One I call your child of greatness that you were born with. That unique part of you.
The other is your attitude which took control when you started thinking for yourself.

Most people lost the child of greatness when attitude took over, but the greatness is still with you and remains with you. It is just hidden by attitude.

How do you change the one that took control using discomfort and fear?

By repeatedly imagining the new beliefs you want to take control. These new beliefs allow you to accomplish what you want to have, to do, or to become.

Only you possess the magnificence that is in your subconscious mind.
It is yours alone and again exactly why you should become your own

Keep digging deeper into who you are. Keep going, keep growing.

The quote for the article:

Your best works of creative success…
and your worst of habits…
both come from the same place…
Learn about your subconscious mind…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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