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Can you disrupt your present way of thinking?

Oct 2, 2023inspiration0 comments

Disruption below…..

Can you disrupt your present way of thinking?
Can you disrupt your beliefs?

Right here right now is a place of discovery by reading an article about a place where you have never been before!

Start with this question when it comes to your mind what is the least understood part?
Without question, it is the subconscious mind.

Next question- What does your subconscious mind do?
It creates how you feel.

Every one of the feelings that you experience in life starts in the subconscious mind.
Yes, it starts in the subconscious mind and not your body

Your body is only the instrument that shows the feeling. Explained this way:
1. A thought is created in the Conscious Mind.
2. No matter who you are that Conscious Mind thought goes straight to the
The subconscious Mind and the subconscious create a feeling from your own belief systems.
3. That Subconscious mind feeling goes to your Body and it reacts every time whether you notice it are not. The body reacts in direct proportion to that feeling.

Next question, if the body is the instrument of the subconscious, then exactly what is this telling you?

The answer is that the subconscious mind is in control of your body’s action
Going deeper your subconscious mind is controlling you. Explain this way:

  1. Over 90% of the time most people are unconscious of their thoughts, feelings, and actions because these thoughts, feelings, and actions are habits.
  2. The only way to change this is to always be conscious of all of your thoughts. You are conscious right now because you are reading this article. As soon as most people go back to their day-to-day routine they become unconscious which is why over 90% of the time people are unconscious of what they are thinking.
  3. Most people if you explained items 1 and 2 above and then asked them do they do what most people do unconsciously they would tell you no I don’t do that when the answer is yes they do and simply are not aware of it.

Your obvious question are you aware of your daily unconscious habits?

Can you disrupt your way of thinking? Your beliefs?

Hopefully, this discovery article did what it was supposed to. Disrupt your present way of thinking? The subconscious mind which is where all of your body action come from is a place of discovery.
The discovery in part is becoming aware of all of your unconscious thoughts.

The Quote that goes with today’s article below:

Magnetize your body to act…
and to overcome adversity by…
realizing where your feelings begin…
It’s the subconscious mind not the body… 

Always remember You are the Greatest


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