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Can Your Beliefs kill Your Motivation

Jan 21, 2023inspiration0 comments

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Did you know that some of your beliefs can literally kill the motivation to both act on and complete an idea that really excited you?
Realize the example I am using is something you have had happen and probably more than once.

The example:

You just discovered a totally different way to succeed at getting something you want. You are excited about it. So, you start down that path to get it. Now, 2 weeks a month later you realize that you stop moving forward for different reasons that come up. 

You might start thinking I have been working to get this done for a month and I am no closer to getting it. Why can’t I stay motivated and get this done?

It’s not your lack of motivation. It’s your lack of belief that stops you.
Let me explain this.

Over 90% of people get great ideas but their beliefs about who they are and what they can actually accomplish limits them from doing something that is new to them. Their beliefs which is their attitude keeps creating discomfort and many times fear. Understand, discomfort or fear is simply because they are dealing with the unknown.

Question- Has this happened to You?

What is this example telling you?

That You must first change some of the beliefs that filtered through that screen of your mind during your growing-up years. This is how your beliefs literally prevent you from getting to the finish line without you even realizing it.

Here is the quote for you:
What kills your motivation to succeed?
It’s some of your present beliefs…
Which your past created…the key is…
learning how to change some of those past beliefs…

Always remember you’re the greatest…



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