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Continued to Learn about creating NEW BODY ACTIONS…

Jan 24, 2024inspiration0 comments

Last week’s article finished with these comments:

Remember what has been stated:
1.   The 3 steps
2.   To create new body actions toward your desires. Awareness of your Attitude is a must.
3.   If Attitude is not changed you will not change and that is a fact.

This article is the second piece of last week’s article that was published.

It focuses on if there is anything new that you want in life it will require NEW BODY ACTIONS to obtain it.

Use these three Basic Facts to help in creating new daily habits.

First, is your Child of greatness.

As a child, you accomplished greatness every day by easily creating a thought and then pursuing it in your play. There is no mistake about child play and what it accomplishes. They are able to think thoughts and play them out without any of attitude negative feelings of silliness, discomfort, and fearful feelings.

Most people lose touch with their child of greatness when attitude takes control, that is when they start thinking for themselves. 

Your child of greatness was born with you and will always remain with you.
Attitude was created after birth which is where negative feelings come from. Understand the child is still there and never left. The child is the one that will help with your imaginative Conscious thoughts of new desire that both excite and create fear within. Even though the child was forgotten when attitude developed it never left you.

Your feelings and beliefs of discomfort like, this is impossible, this is beyond me, this is scary were all developed by what is now your attitude.

From childhood to becoming an adult we learned these feelings and beliefs.

Understand there is NO SUCH THING as discomfort and fear WE LEARNED IT. As adults, WE LEARNED feelings of discomfort and fear. In day-to-day life, there is no such thing and read on to know why.

Fear and discomfort have only one place in your life. It is when it comes to your instincts for survival. This is the only place fear does and should exist. You probably remember moments when instinct kept you out of danger. It is built in just the same as an animal’s instinct for survival, living in the wild. 

Any of these feelings outside of survival in your day-to-day life are simply negative thoughts. 

Third,  let’s call it your Paradigm.
This is one most people have never studied.

I like Bob Proctor’s description. He tells you that your paradigm is a mental program that has almost total control over your behavior and that most of your behavior is habitual. 

Find out why your paradigm is truly the thing that moves you forward or holds you back from your greatness. Study Guides have been created to learn how to be aware of attitude, which demonstrates how it was created to how to control it in your day-to-day life. Even though many 1-10 Guidelines have been created to follow, their issue is they will not make you aware of your attitude. Awareness is the key to knowing and changing it

As stated you were born with your Child of Greatness. This is true, and that greatness is a piece of you, which is also a piece of everyone you know.

Negativity has no place in your in Your day-to-day life. Those beliefs were taught to you by others which allows the subconscious to create feelings of discomfort and fear especially with thinking thoughts that are exciting and feel impossible.

Remember you are the one that learned to create those feelings.

Another fact is that paradigms are your habits of thought, feeling, and action that you live within.  

Think of it as the walls you live behind, where nothing else gets in. This will make you feel very comfortable and protected. Almost every one of us has made our lives exactly what it is from the day we were born up to this very moment. Most people do not live life outside their paradigm.

The only way to live outside of your paradigm is to pursue those things that you have not pursued that give you the feeling of excitement along with those other negative feelings. 

Paradigms are your self-created parameters of limitations.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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