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Do what excites you and makes you think, I Can’t do This!!

Jan 30, 2024inspiration0 comments

What would you like to do that creates excitement, but fear takes over saying you can’t do it?

How would you accomplish it?

By Paradigm Shifting.

Paradigm Shifting is using a new perspective on HOW you can change. By changing some of your daily habits.

Keep in mind throughout this article that change only happens with new body actions. If you do not change some habits then you will not get the new excitement of something you want to have, do, or become.

Shifting is filling in the gap between where you are now and what you want to accomplish.

Shifting is performing new body actions that you have never done before.

Shifting to new body actions must replace some of your present daily habits.

Another way to describe it is changing a part of who you are.

Your Paradigm, for most of us, is described as the daily life you lead unconsciously with the same repeated habits of thought and actions.

Yes, change of habits takes conscious thought and effort. Realize you are not making a temporary change, you making a daily lifestyle change with the new habits you create.

Once you make that first accomplishment with your new lifestyle you will never go back to where you were. Also, you will want to create more changes in your life.

Ask yourself, “What would I like to do that creates a feeling of both excitement and fear within me?” Fear like I’m not capable of doing this.

Your new lifestyle change has to be for something that creates both of those feelings of excitement and fear within you. If it does not create those feelings then it becomes very difficult to do. It needs to challenge who you presently are. Your present Paradigm

Whether you win or lose, pursuing that Paradigm shift will change your life.

The quote to go with this article is below:

Quote # 60

You are unique in both a vision and…
ability to act on that vision. Action is…
where most stop short. Be one of the…
few the proud and ACT of that vision…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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