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Do you want something incredibly beautiful to happen for you?

Mar 1, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your next Discovery…

Do you want something incredibly beautiful to happen for you?

Then discover your mind!!
I have found that the best articles to discover yourself are the ones that teach you about the inner workings of your mind.

Articles that do not generalize the reasons why people think in different ways, but speak to you and tell you specifically why you think, feel, and act the way you do. Without going into details there are two specific reasons that apply to you. One is your genetics and the other is your environment and upbringing.
Study both of these.

Explaining the word generalize would usually be articles like a 1- 10 guideline to follow. The point is none of that information is specific to you. That is why I say to read about and study the two specific reasons above.
When you find articles that feel like they are talking to YOU directly, then these are the ones to reread over and over. Understand that repetition is the first law for learning. Repetition is what keeps you thinking about yourself, which is the first person you want to learn all about

The question is do you totally understand your Genetics and Environmental surroundings?

Most people understand only the surface of both, but there is much more below the covers
The more you read and learn about these two the more you think and then more realization will jump out at you. These realizations are the beauty of yourself

Within you is a whole new world of beauty and excitement just waiting for you.

Here is the quote to go with the above article:
Comparing physical beauty to your mind…
You see the physical beauty as it is…
The beauty you feel keeps intensifying…
as the awareness of your mind grows…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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