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Face Your Fears….

Sep 16, 2023inspiration0 comments

The Conscious Mind – Continued

What is the first step you take when there is something that you want to have, to do, or to become? Something you never done before!

You create a vivid picture of yourself already doing it. You can see and feel what you want with that picture. It is easy to do, for example, picture yourself driving. When you see yourself driving demonstrates how imagining pictures creates action.

As a child, there was no ceiling on the vivid pictures you could imagine.
As an adult, most people do place a ceiling on their imagination because their attitude is in place.

But if there is something you want it’s necessary that you don’t place any ceiling. Continuously think about that action picture of what you want and keep adding details to it. 

The key is don’t let your attitude prevent you from imagining your picture.

The picture screen of your mind is the same one you used as a child and just as creative.
Most of us have simply quit using it, so yes it takes some initial effort.
In my opinion, imagined thought is the best of the four ways of thinking.

Think about this question.

What type of pictures are you going to create almost 100% of the time?
The ones that make you comfortable. The picture you are familiar with.

Please understand, that the best thought pictures should both excite you then scare you when thinking about trying to do it.

You have had those thoughts before that create fear and excitement. It’s one of those thoughts that over the years keep coming back to you. You’ll know it, it’s the one you never tried to do. The thought very
likely is something you think can’t be accomplished because of the reasons you have created.

But when you have the thought about it both excites and scares you.
The reason why you think it can’t be accomplished.

Face your fear. 

Win or loss once you pursue those things you fear, you’ll never look back only forward. Take that step toward what you want. Allow your picture to take you anywhere you want to go.

Below is the quote to go with this article:

You become your greatest inspiration…
when pursuing what creates both…
fear and excitement within you for what…
you want to have, to do or to become…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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