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How do you make that Desire which creates Fear in you, happen?

Jan 13, 2023inspiration0 comments

It’s your next discovery.

Do you want the answer to that Billion-dollar question? How do you
physical make something happen that creates fear within that you want
to have, to do, or become?  

The HOW is simply:
1. Use your willpower and
2. Only allow the thought that comes into your mind that moves you toward that desire.

Again, allow only thoughts that move you toward what you desire.
No, this method is not boring! It is challenging…which you should test yourself.
Think about it there is something that you would like but you dismiss the idea
each time it comes into your mind, saying no I can’t or I am not capable to do it.

Next time you think about it…Do not dismiss it and start thinking of only ways you could create it…
You should Dismiss only negative thoughts you have about getting it.

With your first real discovery about that desire, I promise you will say I want more.

Continue to learn about the true awareness of yourself.

This quote goes with this article
Mind and desires by nature are your tools for discovery…
Why not use your mind to physically create…
just one of your desires and witness yourself…
the discovery that will change your life…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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