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How do You Permanently change some of yourself?

Aug 25, 2023inspiration0 comments

What creates permanent change?

Have you ever known someone that suddenly changed? They just became another person. That person likely changed due to a sudden impact. That is something dramatic happen in a moment that change who they were.

Change in your life can be created in one of two ways:
Consciously or Unconsciously

Consciously, is when you create a imagine picture and from that picture a definite path. You will have to combination will power, imagination, repetition, and gratitude.

Unconsciously, wasn’t planned, changed was created but most do not know how they did it.

How will you change? Most likely consciously.
Your present attitude was formed through repetition, starting as a child. This repetition came from your surrounding growing up environment. The repetition was the continuous repeating of everything that surrounded you that you saw, heard, touched and felt over and over, day after day into early adulthood.

To make even small changes in how you think, feel and act will require repetition of new thoughts.

These new thoughts will very likely be accompanied with discomfort and sometimes even fear that you will have to overcome. Over 90 % do not change because they do not understand how discomfort and fear stops them. 

The understanding of discomfort is a learned process, which you can study with me.

If you’re thinking, why don’t I just layout the process to change and let me start. Then I can tell you if you do not first become aware of the inner working of your mind you very likely will not accomplish changes you wanted, then start creating reasons why you could not.

Do not step over the process of awareness. Use these educational materials created for you.

Sudden change is not the answer for you. You want to both picture and plan your path. Your picture and path will be the most dramatic change you will ever witness.

Continue to step deeper and deeper into your own mind.

The quote below with this article:
You multiply your life’s satisfaction…
when you start ACTING ON those…
imagined picture you create that…
excite you throughout your life…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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