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How do You use Your Intellect??

Jul 21, 2023inspiration0 comments

How do you use your Intellect?
Hopefully, you have read earlier articles on the 6 parts of your intellect…

Your Intellect or mental muscles are the source of any small or large change you want in life.

These 6 muscles are rarely used by over 90% of people. To repeat them they are:
Reason, Intuition, Perception, Memory, Willpower, Imagination

If you want to change you must grow beyond your 5 senses along with your thought process which only uses your attitude or beliefs on an unconscious level. That is your attitude acting for you automatically without you thinking.

You have thought it, said it or heard it said;
“I can change anytime I want!”

The concept to change is simple, but it requires real effort.
You need to demonstrate to yourself the effort it takes.

I challenge you about your daily routine, just so you can experience
the effort that it takes.

I am asking you to add one new routine and change the way you do one of your daily routines for the next 7 days.

1st add this one. When you wake up, before getting out of bed state out loud-
“I am changing my life”

2nd now the second one requires me to ask you a serious question.
Do you brush your teeth?…lol.
For the next 7 days start brushing with the opposite hand.

Use your willpower, one of the mental muscles, and accept the challenge!

When brushing your teeth I wish I could watch what happens!!
Remember no matter how uncomfortable it feels you have to stay with it.
Also, at the end of the 7 days for your efforts rewarding yourself is a great way.

Doing this exercise will give you a new perspective and understanding of the process to change.

This is the next step in your adventure.
Figure out a way to remind yourself for the next 7 days.
Sticky note here I come, or you come up with one better.

Your mental muscles are the sources for change to anything you want in life. Start using them!

The quote below will give you another idea for creating change but do my challenge exercise first.

A quote below about this article:

Inspire your change by demonstration…
Identify/remove your worst habit…
Identify/ add a habit to the change…
Perform for 7 days. Identify/repeat…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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