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How life can compare to a roller coaster ride for you…

Mar 25, 2023inspiration0 comments

A thought to consider to improve your life…

Do you like riding a roller coaster?

Whether you do or do not, compare riding a roller coaster to trying to make changes in your daily habits

Each time that many of us try to make changes in our daily habits will compare to the ups, downs, and all-around of a roller coaster ride. We get a great start with that new habit. It can be exciting and scary at the same time. Then after a great start like the roller coaster, we’re up, sometimes down, and around trying to make changes then after starting the ride and all the efforts…

You find yourselves back where you started staying with the old habits.

Over 90% of people are on that same ride.
Why? Over 90% do not know how to make that change in habits. Then there are those few that changed but do not know how they did it.

The question is do you experience this with trying to change your habits?

You must learn that the voice you like, and trust, and that guides your thoughts and actions in your head keeps reinforcing that you stay on your path of fixed habits.

Understand what is being said.

Your voice keeps assuring you, your fixed path is the right path, then creates discomfort and sometimes fear if you try to change.

Guess What?

Most people do not even know that you are doing this to themselves.

It is a fact, if you stay on that fixed path, by the laws of nature, it is impossible for you to change anything in your life when it comes to your thoughts and actions. Said another way, “preventing the success you wanted to change to”.

Without question awakening to that voice in your head is the most important thing you can do for your life when wanting to make changes.

You must first learn about your voice to eliminate its control of you.

Below is the quote that goes with today’s article:

A roller coaster ride and your fix habits…
what do they have in common…Fear
You intentionally created it on the coaster…
Your habits created it to prevent change…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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