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Imagine standing next to this gorgeous pool…

Jan 15, 2024inspiration0 comments

A two-part article.
A second article will be posted next week to complete this thought process….

Imagine you’re standing next to this gorgeous Olympic swimming pool.
Maybe it makes you want to swim across it just to see how it feels.

With that same gorgeous pool, now imagine you have to swim a mile without stopping.

If this imagined thought was real and you were not a distance swimmer that great feeling of just wanting to swim across would turn from feeling great into a feeling of fear.

The above are dramatic differences but the thoughts to actions demonstrate to you how your body would react. The wanting to swim across feels in harmony with you. The feeling of having to swim a mile is not harmonious.

What if I just suggested you swim a mile with me would you do it?
No, you would move away from me because you became extremely uncomfortable.

This demonstrates to you how your thoughts to feelings whether Conscious or Unconscious to anything you are not in Harmony with will stop you from acting on it.

Understand that you will only do what you are comfortable with.

Let’s briefly discuss Conscious and Unconscious thoughts for clarification. With these two imaginary characters – Arrow tells Target about a thought process very few people ever consider in their lives. Arrow says life in this very moment starts with your thoughts and ends with your actions. Then he said, realize that most day-to-day thoughts are Invisible to people but they truly create the Physical based on their actions.

Most people are in automatic mode during the day which means that most of their thoughts to feelings are automatic and will automatically control how they respond to any thought.

Like wanting to swim across the pool to having to swim a mile. You are automatically going to do the thing you want and automatically push away from what you don’t want to do.

Shifting gears, this article so far was written to make you see how your thought process works. Then the discussion of what is necessary to change to allow you to physically pursue those things that possibly you would like to have, to do, or to become that your present thought and unconscious thoughts to feeling are telling you it’s not attainable.

What is necessary?
You would have to change some of the Invisible and Automatic present thought processes.

The conscious mind, with the subconscious mind, and the body only work as one and simultaneously together. In other words, one does not happen without the others happening at the same time. This is extremely important to you.

Most day-to-day thoughts are unconscious. There are very few people in conscious thought most of the time which means that most of our day-to-day activities are in an unconscious thought process. Call this automatic habits of thoughts. 

This means most people are not conscious that unconscious thoughts are running their lives.
You have to become conscious of this to change your body’s actions.

What happens to you with any thought you have consciously or unconsciously?

You go through this exact order with each thought:

  • 1st – is the actual Conscious Mind thought, whether conscious or unconscious.
  • 2nd – is that Conscious Mind thought is automatically given to the Sub-Conscious which produces a feeling that is automatically sent to your body.
  • 3rd – Your body reacts based on the intensity of that feeling. 

Most people must be taught to become aware of this process, which by definition is your Attitude.

The Awareness process will be like a step ladder, with each step up creating a new Awareness that you truly did not see. It is then that you realize that step was always there for you and now you want to see the next step.

These steps up are your greatness.

Remember what has been stated:
1.   The 3 steps
2.   To create new body actions toward your desires. Awareness of your Attitude is a must.
3.   If Attitude is not changed you will not change and that is a fact.

Below is the quote from this article:

Beliefs, habits, and actions stirred together…
are the ingredients of your attitude…
Attitude controls over 90% of results…
For new results stir in new ingredients…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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