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Invisible Energy and Attitude

Oct 22, 2023inspiration0 comments

Do you realize that many forms of invisible energy surround you?

Did you know that you and I grew up with the same energy surrounding us?

If it was the same energy, then why are our attitudes so different?

Remember that attitude is the combination of our Conscious mind, Subconscious mind then Body. The body is the action part.

The differences started with our conscious minds.
Let me explain.

In our growing up years each of our environmental surroundings, which is everything that our conscious mind saw, heard, and touched, repeatedly day after day. Each of our conscious minds repeatedly communicated one way to me and another way to you because even with the same energies our environmental surroundings were totally different.

These different messages that each of us received from our conscious mind told our subconscious mind what to believe.

Remember the subconscious controls you through your beliefs and body actions.

These different beliefs are what created our different attitudes.
Yes, our genetics play a part.
But the key is the different environmental surroundings we both had.

This is why some people are adventurists and others are cautionary, Simply because of the environmental surroundings they grew up in.

This same exact energy surrounded these two types of people.
This same energy surrounds everyone.
Environmental surroundings are what make people so different.

Each of their conscious minds communicated different beliefs to each subconscious.

Remember none of us were born with our attitude. We developed it after birth.

Again, did you know that you and I grew up with the same energy surrounding us?
You, me, the adventurist, the cautionary develop our attitude from each of our repeated environmental surroundings.

Guess what to create any change in life you will use the same repetition of the new environmental surroundings to change to the things that you want to have, to do, or to become. 

I repeat my message any many different ways with the hope that the messages help you.

Question, are you aware of the inner workings of your mind? Specifically attitude.

Remember you both feel and show your attitude not only to others but most importantly to yourself. You feel it and show it because your subconscious mind’s feelings are the reason you experience your reactions.

Quote to the article above:

Your thoughts are the unsaid messages…
that others receive. Remove thought…
and witness the magnificent difference…
with anyone you meet…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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