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It’s a 99% Probability…

Nov 20, 2023inspiration0 comments

What is 99% probability?

That repetition creates how you think, feel, and act the way you do.

The repetition of Your environmental surroundings that is the way you grew up and what you were exposed to by others for years developed your attitude, your beliefs, and your way of thinking.

Your developed attitude is the part of you that is your beliefs and makes you feel in harmony with your way of life. This harmony is what makes you feel very comfortable. You are comfortable with those thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you try to change your harmony, you experience discomfort and sometimes even fear.
Discomfort and fear are why most people never change, but still have desires for other things in their life.

The question is how can you change your attitude your beliefs so you can get those other things you want out of life?

The answer now becomes a  99% probability that it will require repetition of new imagined pictures that you create. The bodybuilder was not born with muscles but created new environmental surroundings and used repetition to get muscle.

Like the bodybuilder, there is a 99% probability you’ll have to create new surroundings and keep repeating new images to get the ideas needed to help make that new picture.

Sounds easy but it will mean real efforts on your part to imagine those images.

Most importantly and where most people stop your body will have to act on those ideas. Just like the bodybuilder kept repeating the dumbbell bicep curls.

The quote below for today’s article

It’s simple repetition, repetition…
and repetition creates new beliefs…
new beliefs create new feeling…
new feelings create new body actions…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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