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Just because they gave you the best they had

Nov 30, 2023inspiration0 comments

Just because they gave you the best they had, do not be satisfied…

Who gave their best? Mom, Dad, and those you learn from in your growing-up years.

For most of us as we grew they could not teach us the most important concept in life
The true awareness of yourselves, more specifically your attitude.
True awareness must be learned. Let’s continue with this lesson.

When you reached the age of thinking you formed your attitude of beliefs.
Many of the things that you believe were taught by those who gave their best.

These beliefs are what you think is true and the beliefs that feel comfortable in how you think, feel, and act.

Many of those beliefs that were taught have become habits of automatic thoughts that you function around during daily life.

Separate from these established habits you will experience other amazing things outside of and very different from these daily habits.

These outside experiences will be the things that you saw, heard, and felt that highly
excited you. Even years later you probably remember some of those exciting things.

Many times when thinking about doing them yourself they create feelings of discomfort maybe even fear. Likely you could have thoughts like, these things are not within your reach or I’m not capable.

Guess what, going after these unreachable things is what will change your life.

One of mine was creating Study guides and videos for self-education. I had many different feelings of discomfort and how could I ever create the guides?

Just because they gave you the best they had, do not be satisfied. You should reach out beyond what makes you comfortable.

Go after those things that have excitement and fear. Keep going, keep growing.

The quote is below for this article

Free yourself to unlimited thinking…
by realizing many of your beliefs…
were formed by other from birth…
till even past your age of reason…    

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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