Meet Your Greatness

Mike Fearn Creator / Author

Meet Your Greatness is all discovering more ofYour own inner beauty…

Dec 5, 2022inspiration0 comments

Hello, I’m Mike Fearn your host for Meet Your Greatness a discovery.

You have desires for different things throughout your life that mentally you believe you cannot obtain it. This happens because of how you shaped your attitude of yourself from the time of birth.

You have heard all your life quotes like “You can have anything you want in life”. As we both know this is easily said and most people cannot accomplish what they desire. So you know why most people cannot achieve it is they do not know how, they were never taught how.

The process of obtaining your desires is something that has to be taught and there is no such thing as 1 through 10 guidelines.

The “how” can be accomplished by first becoming deeply aware of the inner working of your mind, specifically your attitude.

Climbing to satisfy your desires begins by discovering your mind. This discovery will go way beyond exciting, it will be a true adventure for you.

The beauty is the adventures.

Why are beauty and discovery important to you? Because that moment will come when suddenly you realize the greater discovery of yourself….

Meet Your Greatness, Mike Fearn Creator / Author


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