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Pursuing Your Desires are what create Your Greatness

Dec 18, 2022inspiration0 comments

Here is Your new thought question…
What was filtering into your mind from birth into your young adulthood?

You were learning from Mom, Dad, those who raised you, school, friends, work,
and maybe even a boss. All giving you the best that they had.

This learning is what was filtering into your mind that also taught you your beliefs.

What was the one thing your learning likely did not teach you and most other people?
For most of us, we did not learn about the inner workings of your mind and
more specifically your attitude

In your learning, you were given a specific set of beliefs, while your
life exposed you to many other things, outside of your beliefs.

This outside exposure formed other desires you wanted but most of us
never allowed ourselves to pursue…be honest and ask yourself does this include me?

Why is Meet Your Greatness telling you this story…because you need to

That within you and everyone else is a world of desires and a bag of beliefs.
Those desires you have thought of but never pursue are very natural and
also very good for you.

Your bag of past beliefs you learned during your growing up years are
just that belief…

For over 90 % of people, these beliefs hold them back from pursuing the desire of
what they want without them even knowing it!!…

Think about it are you 1 of those over 90%??

Discovering the inner workings of your mind will only come from pursuing your desires
and not those beliefs.

Suggestion write down two desires that have repeated themselves to you over the years,
even if you think they are ridiculous.

If you think of any reason why you can’t pursue those two…then you have witnessed your
beliefs, that is the attitude that has always held you back…Think about that.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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