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Take and use the 2 for 1

Jun 3, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your very next self-discovery

You have within yourself a 2 for 1 at any time you want and it’s free…

The 2 for 1 is the two different people living within you.
Of those 2, everyone knows the one they see in the mirror who is the one who literally controls your thoughts and beliefs, which you trust and this is your attitude.

The second one you do not see in the mirror is the one most of us have forgotten or forgotten you.
I call the forgotten you your “Child of Greatness”. Why?

Even though both of you are great, your child has none of your attitude, that is none of your beliefs.

Your child was actually born with you and does not have the present beliefs that you possess.

Remember your present beliefs are the ones that you trust and that guide your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your daily life.

Let’s explain in more detail the above.

You were not born with an attitude that took over you at an early age when you began to think for yourself. It is when you come to what is called becoming the age of reason.

The difference is your child of greatness was literally born with you and will always be with you.
Your attitude or beliefs were developed after your birth.

The question is can you allow yourself to know that the Child of Greatness actually is another
part of you?

Most people do not allow themselves to believe this.

What most people do not see is that their developed attitude does not allow them to believe this.

For many people, their beliefs do not allow them to keep expanding themselves and accomplishing other things they would like to have in their life.

It is a fact that keeps over 90% of people from going after what they truly want.

Be honest with yourself.
When you think of trying something totally different from what you normally do day to day do you feel uncomfortable?

Realize I’m not talking about a vacation or changing jobs. I am talking about just a small thing that changes your daily routine to something new.

To succeed at anything new that you want to have, to do, or to become must be approached by moving your attitude/beliefs to one side. Then place on the other side the attitude of no beliefs.

Realize it is most people’s beliefs that prevent them from acting on many things that are new to them.

Take the 2 for 1 and allow yourself to fulfill your desires

If you want to go to then click on courses at the top of the
page to see educational materials that are available to you for free.

The quote to go with the above article is below:

Your attitude and your greatness…
anything in common? All/nothing…
All if you think to change…
Nothing if you think the same…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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