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That Cold Chill…

Jun 26, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your next self-discovery…

Can a cold chill be a good thing for you?

The story.

What sent a cold chill down my spine? It was a childhood memory. It was remembering the power of pure belief even as a child.

This memory came from a game of self-discovery that brought me and will bring you back in time.

My objective is to create a new perspective. If you want to try it don’t let your attitude stop you from playing it.

It’s simple. You spend all the time you want in your past memories for a positive moment. Let your memories just float between childhood to teen and recall some great moments. If negativity enters your
thoughts, immediately stop the negative thought and start floating again.

Here is the memory I had to help you. As a child in the woods behind my home, I was playing amongst tree limbs literally crawling on top of a tree into scup anon vines. I stood up straight and remember shouting

“I am on top of the world.”

What was amazing is that I remember literally believing it!!

Two keys to this discovery game are:
1. How it made you feel then and
2. Create how it makes you feel in this present moment.

The amazement of that childhood belief then, made me understand the power of belief now.

To get that one thing you desire in life the power of belief is essential to obtaining it. 

You and I are a combination of past beliefs like a painting with many brush strokes that give different perspectives. The fact is that many of these perspectives work against you.

This game helps to show how you should be your own inspiration.

The memory that sends a cold chill down your spine has a new perspective for you.

Find it!

This type of past thought practice introduces you to a moment your attitude was not engaged.

The past positive thoughts highly engaged your imagination.

Periodically repeat this practice.

This series of videos is all about your self-discovery. Stay with each one.

Below is the positive quote to go with the article above:

Imagined beliefs and child’s play…
always creates instant success….
Can you do this as an adult?…
Then learn how to play again…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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