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That discomfort and fear stop most people

Feb 3, 2023inspiration0 comments

Hello, this is your next discovery.

What stops over 95% of people from acting on something that they want to have, to do, or to become?

What is it?

It’s that terrible discomfort, even fear you feel when trying something totally different.
This discomfort comes from your subconscious mind and it stops you all by itself! The discomfort
starts with your beliefs and then moves to the subconscious mind which is creating how you feel.

Yes, the subconscious mind stops you itself by using discomfort and downright fear. This stopping
mechanism is something that well over 90% of people developed without realizing why
the discomfort and fear are happening.
If you do not realize what is happening and or do not understand it, you will not be able to control it.

The question here: Do you feel discomfort when you just think about trying something new?

What is this telling you?

Knowing the discomfort could simply be you saying to yourself that the new “idea is not something
that can be done” or “well that’s beyond me”.

Realize doing something totally different could bring monumental good into your life. Grow yourself,
by learning more about fears in future articles

The quote to go with the above article:

A Change in your life and Subconscious Mind…
What do they have in common?…
Change is required for creating any new desire…
Subconscious Mind creates your discomfort to change…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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