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The life that presently surrounds you…

Dec 20, 2023inspiration0 comments

What created the life that surrounds you?

Your Bodies actions.

Yes, the full answer is more complex, but your body was the final action. Realize, that your body is strictly an instrument of the mind, and only performs actions the mind allows. Specifically what the subconscious mind allows.

Over 90% do not even know this is happening to themselves.

What is happening is those invisible thoughts that go on over 90% of your day that you are simply not aware of because they are automatic habits. This article intends to make you aware of this.

People’s actions are based on their attitude’s habits of thought. If you want change then habits must change.

Don’t let attitude control your mind’s thoughts.

In a separate story between Arrow and Target, Arrow who understood how attitude works told Target, realize that most of your thoughts are invisible but truly create the physical. If you want new results in your life, then you must change some of those invisible thoughts.

The roadblock is the attitude of most people.

You can call this roadblock paradigm paralysis which is a Paralysis in their way of thinking which most people do not know how to change.

Changing habits of thought is easily said and a real challenge to do. Remember, you have been in your habits of thoughts and beliefs since birth. Attitude so to speak is set in stone. But there is a way to move into those new thought habits and the results in your life.

It will change if you allow it through repetition of imagined thoughts. The details for repetition of imagined thoughts cannot be explained in relayed to you with just an article. If you want more details just email me.

What part of you created the condition of your life that surrounds you? Your mind to body created the present condition. Do you want to change your present mental, financial, or physical conditions?

Then you will have to change some of your mind’s thoughts to your body’s actions.

Know up front that when you try to change some of them it will create discomfort and fear within you. Be aware of this so you can overcome those feelings.

Below is a quote from this article:

You were born into to world with…
open arms to all possibilities, then…
your learned beliefs closed them with…
all these possibilities still around you…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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