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The magic of a burning cnadle and you…

Mar 19, 2023inspiration0 comments

Have you ever just sat at a bonfire and stared at the flame?

By staring at a flame you can learn about building your power of concentration, But there is one other piece of magic that will go along with the flame and learning to concentrate.  

The magic is the discovery of that voice in your head you have read stated in previous articles.

To keep it simple you do not need a bonfire just sit and stare at the flame of a burning candle. This burning candle is an exercise that you possibly have seen before. The exercise is for building your ability to concentrate. Your mind is to become one with that flame with absolutely no other thoughts.

Your focus on the flame requires you to use one of your mental muscles called Will Power. When
you lose focus and other thoughts come into your mind, you realize it, clear your mind, and focus again.

This repeated exercise is what strengthens your willpower to focus on any one thing. 

But did you know the burning candle is awakening magic for you that you never realized before?
So what is magic? The magic is when you lose focus and other thoughts start happening.

Remember the continuous voice in your head stated in other previous articles are the one that usually keeps you living somewhere in the past. The magic is for you to realize when you lose focus and those other thoughts start coming into your mind. The other thoughts are part of that continuous voice in your head.

This exercise of focus and the magic of losing focus, helps you to become aware of when you are both conscious of your thoughts being focused and then when you go unconscious and the other thoughts come in. There is a reason for this. If you want a change in your life then you need to awaken yourself to those unconscious thoughts. If you do not awaken to them they will keep your life from changing.

Simply stated you have to control your thoughts and focus on the changes that you would like to make.

Below is the quote that goes with this article

A burning candle flame and your desire…
What do they have in common?…
Focusing and becoming one with the flame…
Teaches becoming one with your desire…

Always remember you’re the greatest …Mike


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