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This part of you at birth new nothing, it still knows nothing.

Oct 16, 2023inspiration0 comments

This part of you at birth knew nothing, it still knows nothing.
What is it?  Your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind controls actions through feeling.
Did you know feelings can be changed or altered?

Understanding what the subconscious mind cannot do. This is done by comparing it to what the conscious mind does.

The subconscious mind cannot think – it does not choose
It does not know real – from imagined
It does not know right – from wrong
It cannot reject any thoughts

It accepts thoughts the conscious mind tells it to, which happens through repetition.

Realize your conscious mind told your subconscious from birth what to believe.
This means you have held onto beliefs from the day of birth until now.

Do you remember your environmental surroundings- everything that saw, heard, touched, and felt day after day that was continuously repeated? This was how your repetition was started and created beliefs and emotions.

It was continually repeated to and accepted by the conscious mind and it told your subconscious mind to accept it through the same repetition as one of your beliefs. The only thing that has changed is that you are older, but many of those feelings remain.

Are you reading something that you did not know?
Allow yourself into this new discovery.

Remember the conscious mind does all the thinking ANY WAY YOU WANT.
But it is the subconscious mind that controls your body’s actions and it does this unconsciously to you over 90% of the day simply with habits.

Habits are a great thing to have until it starts getting in the way of something you would like to have, to do, or to become. It gets in the way by creating discomfort even fear when it has nothing to do with your
personal safety.

Your subconscious mind still knows nothing and is wide open to anything that you allow.

Your question should be, how do I change some of my feelings to get what I want?

By creating new thoughts with your conscious mind, thinking ANY WAY
YOU WANT allow you to add or revamp any new beliefs using repetition.

The repetition creates new habits of thought just like your present habits.
It starts by imagining yourself doing it and then adding the feeling of excitement.

Understand these 2 Key ideas:

Key 1, did you know that the Subconscious Mind only accepts beliefs and then forms Emotions about those belief? These emotions either allow or prevent you from acting. Unless you are consciously thinking about what emotions are doing.

Key 2, is it still knows nothing other than your present beliefs and emotions and Yes it will gladly ACCEPT by adding to and creating new beliefs and emotions.

You can go much deeper into this when studying the powers of your mind.

Keep going with the mind discovery.

Below is the quote from this article:

It’s simple repetition, repetition…
and repetition creates new beliefs…
new beliefs create new feelings…
new feelings create new body actions…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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