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Total Awareness of yourself is a feeling not a definition…

Mar 18, 2024inspiration0 comments

The Real Definition of Total Awareness of Yourself is below stated in two different ways:

First, for you to see there is no definition and it is a true feeling for you to experience.

Awareness is the exciting feeling of discovery, being totally unconscious of something and then becoming totally conscious of it about yourself. 

Second, stating what happens to you after that feeling happens the first time.

Awareness occurs each time you discover something new about your mind. It’s like steps on a ladder, each step up creates a new awareness that you truly did not see before. It is then that you realize that a new step was always there for you, you only needed to take it, and now you want to take the next step, even higher. That first step up introduces you to your greatness. Each step up after adds to your greatness.

This is a summary of what would be a good thought for you to consider thinking about for yourself.

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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