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Wake up! Please for your own sake wake up!

Apr 22, 2023inspiration0 comments

Here is your next self-discovery.

Wake up! Wake up! Please for your own sake wake up!

Even though you are wide awake, over 90% of us are still asleep. This is because that voice in your head, your attitude allows you to stay asleep to other things of beauty and greatness that are truly you.

Some of you may think so what? Then you need to take this message a step further, you do not understand the most important thing in your life is awakening to that voice in your head.

Each of us individually is living life the way we feel we should and following a day-to-day path that we are satisfied with. But within you are other desires for things that excite and scare that you would like to have, to do, or to become.

In most cases, these other desires are what we feel that we are not capable of doing. As I have said in past articles it is those things that excite and scare you that if you embark on a true mission to accomplish will transform your life and add much more to the amazing person that you already are.

We all have these desires and they are the ones that you think of only now and then.

But yes you will have to first awaken to that voice in your head that prevents you from pursuing these desires.

Awakening requires you to first become aware of the voice in your head, then become aware of the moment that voice is telling you no you cannot accomplish it. This moment is called being in the Present Moment.

This awakening takes practice on your part. Simple practice will be in the video links that are included below.

When you awaken your first thought will be my god how could I have not known realized this? Do your thoughts go to How can I stop this voice? 

It is then that you are on that wonderful road to change.

It is then you open that new part of you, which has been waiting for you since the day you were born.

It is then that you open yourself to the things that move you forward. All it takes is only you allowing it to happen.

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike

Below is a great quote from the article above:

You think about it now and then…
Yes, the thought excites you…
Well, wake up and start it…and
Don’t let attitude win again…


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