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Wake up, Wake up, please wake up!

Apr 10, 2023inspiration0 comments

Let’s introduce your same discovery but in a different way…

Wake up! Wake up! Please for your own sake wake up! Even though you are wide awake
over 90% of us are still asleep. This is because that voice in your head, your attitude allows
you to stay asleep and not act on those other things of beauty and greatness that are truly you. 

Some may read this and say or think so what?

Then you need to take this message a step further, you do not understand the most important
thing in your life is awakening to that voice in your head. You can call that voice your hidden
beliefs, that you use automatically to control your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The reason they are automatic is that you unconsciously use them. You are doing them all
day long without even thinking about it. Most people, which is  over 90%, are not even aware of
it. These hidden beliefs, that voice are the ones you love, comfortable with and you use to guide
you daily without even having to think about them. Simply stated they are your habits.

Realize these are the same habits that many times do not allow you to act on the things you want
to plan and accomplish.

Your beliefs/habits simply stop you. Again, without you even knowing it.

It does it in several ways: either it makes you think “Nah I’m not going to do that” or it makes
you feel slightly to highly uncomfortable, then if that does stop you then it can make you
feel fear within.

All of this is happening simply because your developed attitude is trying to hold you back. This
is where most people stop and never move forward.

The question is are you aware this is happening to you?

When you awaken to that voice your first thought will be my god how could I have not known
about this?

Then your thoughts go to how can I stop this voice? 

It is then that you are on that wonderful road to change.
It is then you open that new part of you, which has been waiting for you since the day you were born.
It is then that you want to make changes.

As stated many of these articles center around the same subject which is your attitude and its
control over you. These articles want to make you aware of yourself.

Below is the quote that goes with the article

You think it now and then…
Yes, the thought excites you…
Well, wake up and start it…and
Don’t let attitude win again…

Always remember you’re the greatest….



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