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Watch is that one turn off switch that stops Your progress…

Jan 31, 2023inspiration0 comments

Hello, this is your next 1-minute discovery.

What is it inside of you that actually stops you from doing it?
We are talking about that thing you truly desired to have, to do, or become.

It’s a great idea, what stopped you?

Oh, you probably thought I was being realistic.
No, what stopped you was your subconscious mind. It stops you
all by itself. Your realistic thinking only justified what your
subconscious mind made you do.

Your subconscious mind is the switch you must become aware of
and how to turn it off. Learning about that switch is a process. Stay
with me as we continually grow your awareness

You remember it…
and motivated to do it…
Thinking I’m not being realistic…
you stopped. Then watch…
somebody else do it. Realistic?…
No, you witness your…
subconscious mind cutoff switch…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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