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What created You and Your Attitude?

Aug 21, 2023inspiration0 comments

What created You and Your Attitude?
It was the 2 things, what mom and dad gave you and how they raised you.

They gave you your genetic makeup and raised you in the environmental surrounding which was the world you grew up in even if mom and dad did not raise you.

Your multitude of genetics were not only Mom and Dad but those of their ancestors.
Your environmental surrounding was everything that you saw, heard, touched, and felt day after day repeatedly from the day you were born until about 6 years old. It expanded with school, friends, and work.

Genetics and environment created your thought, your feelings, and your body’s action. All of this created your conditioning, which is your attitude.

It is your attitude that thrust you forward or holds you back.

Most of you have some knowledge about your genetic and environmental surroundings, but most do not have the knowledge they need to grow their understanding and awareness of themselves.
It is this knowledge and awareness that allows change or adding to their life’s habits.

Genetics and environment are the core parts of you, but mainly environmental
surroundings are why you live your life as you do.

When you were growing up those surroundings would be things like learning to fish, being exposed to musical instruments, forming your beliefs, and speaking two different languages.

If a person wants to make small or large changes in their life, then they will need to change or add to some of the core parts of what they grew up with.
The answer is yes you can change and add to those core parts as needed.

Part of creating those changes will come from learning what happened after you were born through repetition that created your attitude. Then using that same process to change and add to your core parts.

Two ways that allow you to change are imagined pictures and repetition.
Later articles will go deeper into the creation of your attitude and how your change will be created. The articles are about you and how you developed that and are not a 1 – 10 guideline that is for anyone to follow. In other words, this article will teach you to learn about yourself by studying yourself.

These articles are laying the basic groundwork to take you where you have never been before.

What two things did Mom and Dad give you?
They gave you your genetic and environmental surroundings that created who you are today.

The quote below goes with this article

What surrounds you now…
is the world that you created…
change in your world is simply…
create some new surroundings…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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