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What does a court ordered decision and your attitude have in common.

Jun 12, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your next self-discovery…

The discovery will be a comparison to discuss what happens in most people’s lives.

What do a court-ordered decision and your attitude have in common?
They are the same if you allowed your attitude to order you around.

Does your attitude work to help you and or work to your detriment?
It will easily do both for you!

In order to help you it is using what you learn to help you.

But for over 90% of people, it may work to your detriment by preventing you from doing many things that you would like to have, to do, or to become. 

Let’s explain how it happens.

Your attitude, when in control does order you to feel a certain way about the many things you think about doing that are totally new to you and do always get the result it wants and you do not.

This happens when you think about something new you want to try and the more you think about it the more uncomfortable you start feeling.

This is your attitude of beliefs acting through your subconscious mind. The subconscious is where that uncomfortable feeling comes from. It does this by acting on one of the things that you believe.

Yes, attitude controls most people without even knowing it, simply because they are unconscious of this fact.

For you to move into many new things will require you to overcome that discomfort or sometimes fear or you will never do it.

The most important question here is are you unconscious of this?

Most people like you are conscious of it when ask that question. But what happens over 90% of the time when you are not thinking of your attitude? This is when being aware of your attitude is the most important.

These two questions allow you to discover the condition of your attitude.
Ask yourself

How many times in my life have I thought of things I would like to have, do, or become? Did I pursue them, or did I decide after some time I was not being realistic?
Have I just stopped trying to go after the new things I want?

We are not talking about something that you have done or moving into a new job. We are discussing a small or large in your daily habits.

Attitude has an amazing hidden agenda it uses to control most people.
Here’s its agenda:

1. Your attitude knows you cannot see it in the mirror

2. Your attitude controls you knowing its voice is in your thoughts, unheard but controlling you.

3. Your attitude when in control makes you spend over 90% of your time mentally in the past.

4. Your attitude can immediately release feelings of discomfort and even fear to stop you.

5. Your attitude knows you didn’t realize that it took control of you years ago.

6. Your attitude uses a  handful of your past false past beliefs to control you.

Yes, something is not right with most people’s court-order attitude! Most of us need to learn how to step away from it.

You step away when you learn how to enter the present moment we have discussed and work with your child of greatness that actually exists.

These will be discussed in future articles

Below is your Quote that applies to the above article

When the attitude is making your decisions…
unrealistic, stop trying it, it’s just too much…
really uncomfortable, fearful, this is just…
unheard of. Does any seem familiar?…

Always remember You are the Greatest…



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