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What is Your Attitude??

Aug 12, 2023inspiration0 comments

What is your attitude?

The combination of 3 things your thoughts, your feelings, and your body’s actions. Realize when you have a thought, a feeling, and an action they all happen at one time. They all happen at one time within you and no they are not each separate action.

The 3 parts of you that make your attitude are your conscious mind- which produces the thought, your sub-conscious mind- which produces the feeling, and your body-produces the reaction to the feeling.
You can’t separate them, and they all comprise who you are. Which is your attitude.

Your attitude presents you to the world. Anyone you know or meet it is your attitude that leaves the impression of you on them. Obviously, we want to leave a good impression but focus on what I am about to say to you. The most important impression is the one you leave on yourself.

In an imaginary story created by this author are totally opposite best friends Arrow and Target. Target’s attitude had much greater control over him than Arrows had over him. When they remit later in life Target said something to Arrow letting him know Target had a very hard time creating change in his life as most people do.

This is what Arrow told Target in a brief conversation between them:
Throughout your life, your body’s actions have created the results of who you are.
So, realize your life at this very moment starts with your thoughts and ends with your body’s actions.

Then he said, realize that most thoughts you have are unconscious so they are invisible to you but truly create your physical surroundings. If you want to change your life to the things you want, then you must change the body’s actions. This can only happen by changing those invisible thoughts.

These are the invisible thoughts you have all day long. They are automatic and you do not even realize it.
Call it that voice in your head that repeats itself every day because they are your beliefs.

So, what is your attitude?

The combination of things 3 things your thoughts, feelings, and body actions. It is the part of you that leaves an impression on you and the world around you. Presently it either thrust you forward or holds you back, based on your invisible thoughts.

The moral of this story is that most people must learn and become aware of the invisible thought that is unconscious to them so that they become conscious of where these thoughts are leading them.

Keep repeating these articles and stay on your path of growing your awareness.

Below is the quote that goes with this article:

Your attitude is an impression…
you leave with anyone you meet…
but most importantly is the…
impressions you leave on yourself…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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