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What separates you from the animal kingdom?

Jul 9, 2023inspiration0 comments

Your next thought discovery…
What separates you from the animal kingdom?

Many animals if not most of them have all of the same body parts as you
Like your body, they all work automatically

Whether they are in or out of their environment they operate with their instincts
In the environment that you have created for yourself, you are comfortable
and can operate with your instincts when needed.
Outside of your environment, most of you will become very uncomfortable.

This article will consist of a series of questions to make you think about what
creates your environment and discomfiture. 

First question:
What do you possess that separates you from the animal kingdom?

It is your intellect.
Realize we are not talking about your 5 senses because an animal even possesses them

Next question:
Without trying to look them up tell yourself how many parts does your intellect have?

If you cannot name them do not feel bad, because very few people can name them.

I’ll take over and tell you there are six parts to your intellect. I like the name the late Bob Proctor gave them “Your Mental Muscles.”
These Muscles are Reason, Intuition, Perception, Memory, Will Power, and Imagination.

Next question:
What does each part do?

Again most people cannot tell you. The outline is below.
Reasoning the ability to think.
Intuition – sensing something not obvious.
Perception – Feelings toward another person or situation.
Memory – Your past resource.
Will power – the ability to focus.
Imagination – creating vivid pictures.

Next question:
How long has it been since you had to think about a question like this?

Again most people would not remember and only guess.

The question to you is ask did you struggle to answer these questions? and Would you like to create any small to large changes in your life?

Which will require you to start using and practicing the 6 parts of your intellect!
The moment you start is the moment you go to the top of the pack!

Your changes and life improvements lie where over 90% of people never think of and will not do. Because their attitude prevents them. Simply, these thoughts, questions, and efforts above would make them uncomfortable instead of making them think and want to do something about it. This is what attitude automatically makes them uncomfortable about change in trying to live in an environment outside of the one they created.

Are you starting to see that Attitude keeps coming up over and over with its control of people?

The key thought is does it have control over you, without you knowing this?

What separate you from the animal kingdom. It is the 6 parts of your intellect.

Exercises to start exercising your intellect the way you are supposed to can be practiced over and over at   videos # 14 and # 18 also watch # 20

The quote for today’s article is below:

Do you want a change in life?…
Then your intellect is needed…
Your intellect has 6 parts…
Can you name them?…

Always remember You are the Greatest…Mike


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