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What things totally control Your thoughts, feelings, and Actions

Feb 11, 2023inspiration0 comments

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What thing totally controls your present thoughts, feelings, and actions?

Did you know that it is Your present beliefs…the beliefs about yourself and life in general. You believe they are true and you let them control your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

As stated in earlier articles Your beliefs control you by creating discomfort and at times downright fear within you.

So another thought you want to consider is why most people find it to be almost impossible to start new habits or to start doing something that is totally new to them. It is the same reason being your habits of belief. When trying to change or try something new you are feeling the same discomfort and fear.

Here is where I ask you a question. Can you make changes???

Don’t dismiss this question. Try it! Keep it simple. Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand for the next 7 days without missing any of the teeth.

If You want change in your life then realize you will have to change some of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. In most cases, this means changing a habit or habits that you already have.

Remember that Your present beliefs are what filtered through that screen in your mind from birth till young adulthood. So you were indoctrinated with those beliefs.

The hard part for you is not the effort to create something new.
The hard part is overcoming the fear and discomfort in your subconscious mind that your present beliefs created. Please, always believe that change will bring you monumental good.

That monumental good will be discussed in the next article.

Your next quote to go with this article:

What is 99% True??
When you feel Fear and Discomfort…
they are not real…you created them.
How? Your beliefs created them…

Always remember you’re the greatest…Mike


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